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Shared Reality is: Amazon-style reviews for ideas

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How does Shared Reality resolve disinformation?

  • Focus on specific ideas instead of narratives
  • Bring all sides together to have the same conversation
  • Seek input from large groups of specialists
  • Create a way for the public to get their questions addressed to their satisfaction
  • Insert this information into the web pages where disinformation lives and is spread

Aren't you tired of endless, unresolved controversies?
Wouldn't you like to know the details and what the "other side" has to say about them?
Welcome to Shared Reality, a collaborative, next-generation fact-checking platform where you can pay smart people to answer your questions for you.

  • Was 9/11 an inside job?
  • Was there obstruction of justice in the Mueller Report?
  • Do aliens exist?
  • Are vaccines and autism related?

Most importantly: create a shared reality that everyone can feel good about believing in.


Creator Title Donor count Total donations Respondents Description
Concordis logo james Challenging anyone who should know to address the House rules which were in place on Nov 15, 2019
@RepStefanik, @DevinNunes, Any member of the House, then or currently, and Any of their staff

Rep Devin Nunes and Rep Elise Stefanik appear to have broken House rules during an impeachment hearing, only to complain about the rules being broken by Chairman Adam Schiff. Many people on...

Concordis logo james Asking Sam Vaknin and Dr Bandy Lee to support their assertions that Donald Trump suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder
@BandyXLee1, and @samvaknin

Some experts in psychology and narcissism have said that Donald Trump suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder. What are the reasons they believe that, and what do others have to say about...

Concordis logo james Challenging Judith Miller and PragerU to contradict the idea that the QW Bush administration lied the world into the Iraq War
@PragerU, and @JMfreespeech

It occurs to me as obvious that the George W Bush administration lied the United States and the world into the Iraq War. Some people claim otherwise. I want to hear their detailed explanations for...

Concordis logo james Challenging Dr Christiane Northrup and Sacha Stone to provide evidence to support their idea that vaccines remove empathy
@DrChrisNorthrup, and @sachastone

What evidence is there to support their assertion? I'd love to see it!

Concordis logo james Challenging any major media figure to contradict the idea that the active measures process is currently being applied to the United States
@nytimes, @FoxNews, and Any major media figure

The description of the active measures process as described by high-ranking KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov in 1983 and 1984 appear to closely resemble American society today and over the past several...


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