Verified Common Ground

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Our system is designed to create documents of unimpeachable credibility in order to upgrade society's broken news model.

Society's news model and truth-determination processes (news media, court trials, FBI investigations, ...) are not equipped to counter the current inflow of disinformation. Society is being fractured and democracies are being destabilized.

This model helps to resolve this crisis in three critical ways:
  1. It mediates structured, productive conversations between thought leaders who disagree with each other, removing the Four D's of Disinformation, innuendo, and other types of manipulation.
  2. It phases out the middlemen of media conglomerates, journalists, pundits, politicians, lobbyists, and activists in order to hear directly from those who know the most among us on a topic, whether they be climate scientists, constitutional lawyers, ex-federal prosecutors, etc.
  3. And, finally, it will access the intelligence of communities so that we no longer need to engage in power struggles around whether, for example, 97% of climate scientists believe X. We can simply ask them.

When we present the intelligence of the community which knows the most among us on a topic, we will have documents of - de facto - unimpeachable credibility. No pundit or politicians could dismiss the conclusions of such a document.