Our Methods: Crowdfund the Truth

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Have you seen or heard something online which has you suspecting that you're being lied to? Of course you have - countless times! It's the defining characteristic of the information war we are currently living through.

We are all on the same page: someone around here is lying. It's time for us to get on the same page about who it is.

Right now, the way our media ecosystem is setup, the public has no way to ask questions.

It doesn't matter how many people are upset.

It doesn't matter how upset they are.

And, it doesn't matter how much time goes by.

The public has had no ability to ask questions and get meaningful answers. The public has no way of creating a shared reality for everyone. The public is strictly on the receiving end of this dynamic. That's unnatural, unhealthy, and cannot be allowed to continue.

The good news is that Shared Reality is going to change all that by empowering you to crowdfund the truth. You can finally come together in community and ask specific questions of specific people. The funds raised will be used to find and ask qualified specialists who can answer your questions. If you don't want your money going to the people you want to answer questions, then just let us know that when you're making your donation and we will be sure to allocate those funds to the non-partisan, highly-rated charity of the choosing of the person who is being asked to answer your questions. Any funds left over can be applied to any other Shared Reality campaign that you want to support.

Good-faith thought leaders will have no problem sharing and explaining their perspectives in as much depth as is needed to create a shared reality for most everyone. They will be able to draw reasonable conclusions based on the best available evidence. And, they will have the support of their communities when they describe what is mainstream in those communities.

Disinformation agents, on the other hand, will not be able to explain their conclusions and how they naturally come from evidence. That's precisely what makes them  disinformation agents! They will not be able to explain themselves and so they are unlikely to accept our invitations for details about why they have asserted the things they have. But, we can use their previous (false) public statements against them and make their non-cooperation obvious and conspicuous to everyone.

Would you like to ask climate scientists to provide their perspectives on various climate denial narratives? Would you like to ask demolition experts, architects, and engineers to comment on whether they believe WTC Building 7 was a controlled demoltion, and what information is meaningful to them when forming an opinion? Would you like to ask Judith Miller and PragerU about their conclusion that we were not lied into the Iraq War? Then, join a campaign or start one of your own.

Let's face it: the reality is that the foremost authority on the question of whether someone has lied or not is the person themselves. So, Shared Reality does our best to lay out the red carpet for suspected disinformation agents so that they can easily accept our invitations for elaboration and clarification. While people who simply misspeak on issues they don't understand will can simply apologize and set the record straight around their previous misstatements, disinformation agents will likely have nothing better to do but squirm  and remain silent in the face of pointed questions for clarification about their indefensible nonsense.

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