Our Methods: Adding sunlight right where disinformation lives

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Finally, all of this information isn't going to do anyone any good if it's not seen.

By installing our (still in closed beta-testing) browser extension, you will be able to see the strongest reasons to believe or disbelieve the things you read online, right next to those assertions. Clicking them will show you the strongest reasons to believe or disbelieve them, with links to more information.

When disinformation agents are revealed by the false things they say, we will highlight their names anywhere you see them online. Finally, the reputation of every pundit will only be as strong as the most false thing they have ever said, just as it would be if we were all living in the same village together. You - and those you convince to install the extension (when it is available) - will be able to see (and assess for yourselves) the strongest reasons to believe that any politician, pundit, journalist, etc, is trustworthy. Disinformation agents will no longer be able to hide in plain sight. The stronest reasons to disbelieve anyone will follow them wherever they go online.

Where there is an assertion, you will have access to both sides of the entire conversation on that topic, right in your browser, where it belongs. By bringing this information right into your browser, we can bring the hard work of specialists from all sides into your browser, where you can make up your own mind about which arguments and evidence you find most persuasive.