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The affiliate system

Concordis provides users the opportunity to promote our site's content and to be paid a commission for every donation they refer to Concordis.

These payments do not come out of the 9% commission which Concordis takes for its own upkeep from each donation.

In order to encourage promotion of the platform, Concordis will pay affiliates 10% for the donations they refer to the platform. This choice has been made because we want to grow the platform quickly, which we believe is good for us, good for the people who use our platform, and good for society at large. In the future, we expect to lower this percent figure to more closely match what other affiliate programs offer.

Becoming a Concordis affiliate

Anyone interested in becoming an affiliate, and receiving commissions on referred donations to Concordis, may create a free account on the system. After creating an account, users may find the Affiliate opt-in fields on their user profile form, linked from their account page, when logged in.

There are two affiliate-related profile fields. The first is the opt-in checkbox. Check this to opt into the affiliate system. The other field is a URL field, which is optional and used at this time only to inform Concordis staff of the site where affiliate links are likely to be placed by a user.

Affiliate links

After opting into the affiliate system, visit an argument map or challenge page to get your personal affiliate link for that map or challenge. You can see the link HTML by clicking on the text "Display affiliate link". You can then copy the link and paste it into your own site's HTML or social media posts.

Links posted on the Concordis website will not be included in referral payments.

When another user clicks on a Concordis affiliate link, a cookie is sent to their browser. These cookies are valid for 45 days. If another affiliate link is sent to Concordis from the same browser, then the new affiliate information will overwrite any previous information.

Affiliate donations

To see the donations which have been attributed to your personal affiliate account, visit the "Referrals" tab on your user account page, when logged in.

Payments to affiliates will be sent within 90 days of the referred donation. These donations will be sent by check to the mailing address configured in the affiliate's Concordis user account.