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The premise of this document is that the Active Measures process is being applied to the United States. (It may very well be that other open societies around the world - including India, Brasil, the UK, and elsewhere - are also moving through this process.)

Active Measures is the process to destroy open societies by bringing their populations into power struggle with each other. We have the "blueprint" for the process thanks to a high-ranking KGB defector, Yuri Bezmenov. Among other materials, he left us with a video interview, a video lecture, and a pamphlet called, Love Letter to America, in which he laid out the details of the four-phase process.

The Active Measures process is a super-set of fourth-generation warfare tactics, where legitimate techniques - media companies, think tanks, public policy, etc - are used to subvert anything of value in a country in order to prepare it for one of three outcomes: invasion, civil war, or taking over the country without firing a single shot.

You can learn about the process, along with a growing body of commentary at