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Did the Mueller Report describe suffcient evidence to support an Obstruction of Justice indictment against the president or anyone in his 2016 presidential campaign? Attorney General Bill Barr wrote a summary letter regarding the report, stating that there was insufficient evidence to support such an indictment. Robert Mueller responded to that summary letter by writing his own letter to Attorney General Barr, stating that Barr had not fully captured the "content, nature, or substance" of his report. In response to this perceived difference of opinion, 1027 former federal prosecutors signed a letter stating that there was ample evidence of such a charge, and that any person other than the president of the United States would face prosecution for such actions. In response to this, in an interview with George Stephanopolous, Donald Trump asserted that he could find 5,000 former federal prosecutors who would take his side. At this point, no other action is expected from either side to create consensus on this issue. This argument map examines the reasons why one might believe or disbelieve that there is enough evidence described in the Mueller Report to support an Obstruction of Justice charge against the president.