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Use this form to create your challenge campaign. I challenge campaign is where you challenge one or more people to address (take either the "pro" or the "con" side), support (take the "pro" side, or add supporting arguments and evidence), or contradict (take the "con" side, or add contradicting arguments and evidence). You can type in the name or Twitter handle of anyone you want to challenge, or add any category of person, such as "climate scientist", "ex-US federal prosecutor", etc. If you do not want your initial contribution to go to those person or persons (who we call "respondents"), you can have your donation sent to a non-partisan, highly-rated charity chosen by the respondents. Enter a title and description for your challenge campaign, then add an optional video and image, enter some optional private notes to the Shared Reality administrator who will help you with your challenge, accept our Terms, and you're set!

Thank you again for working to create a shared reality we can all feel good about believing!

Enter one or more names of people or organizations - or the categories of specialists - you would like to respond to your question. For example, you can enter @SenWarren, "Senator Elizabeth Warren", "any pro-side", "any con-side", "anyone", "climate science PhD", "ex-US federal prosecutor", etc.
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