Our Methods: Invite original sources to speak for themselves

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Shared Reality is a truth-determination process, like a court trial. We want to include all of the best evidence on both sides. That means, including original sources from both sides.

We invite the most important sources of all sides of an issue to argue their perspective. That way, our readers - you, who play the role of judge in the process - can know that you are seeing the most persuasive arguments and the most relevant evidence from both sides in one place.

Shared Reality literally does not care what's true. I'll say that again: Shared Reality literally does not care what's true. We trust that people, given the best evidence from all sides, will naturally come together around the best evidence and arguments. False narratives will be seen for what they are and will be abandoned.

Shared Reality can scour the Internet to gather all of the previous public statements from the most persuasive and popular sources on any issue. But, we can't know if we have found all of the things they have to say. We can't know that we have interpreted them as intended. We cannot know what they believe but have not yet shared. The only people who can know these things are the sources themselves, and so they need to be invited to make their arguments and share their evidence themselves. Only they can make sure their arguments are being fairly and completely presented.

Shared Reality also allows us to bring into the present those assertions from long ago which the world may have forgotten about. We want the least true things that people say in the public square to follow them around until those assertions are either proven right or corrected.

In Shared Reality, you play the role of judge. You're presented with all of the evidence available and you are finally empowered to come to your own genuinely informed opinion.

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