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There has been a great deal of discussion over the course of decades which proposed and even asserted that the moon landing was a hoax.

While we could, and might one day, detail all of the arguments on both sides of this debate, we will start by showing only one idea which proves to some that the moon landing actually happened. This evidence has to do with the dust particles as they are tossed by the wheels of the moon rover vehicle. The trajectories of these particles of dust were studied by two physicists who determined that there was literally no way on Earth that the dust would have moved that way. It had to have happened elsewhere. And, of course, the moon is the strongest candidate.

If the community of specialists in this field - physicists - are all in agreement that this evidence is conclusive, who among us can argue with them? If there is disagreement in the community of physicists, then perhaps there is still a controversy here. Otherwise, this conversation can be considered by all to be complete.

There is a video which challenges these conclusions, but it is easily dismissed as either confused or willfully dishonest.